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Instructions on how to make an estimated tax payment, extension payment, or return balance due on Colorado Revenue Online.

Visit Colorado Revenue Online

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From the home screen select Make a Payment

The easiest way to pay is by E-Check.  The fee is $1.  There is a free option by selecting EFT Payment,  but you have to register for an account and wait 3-5 business days.  If you select Debit or Credit card they tack on $.75 plus 2.25%

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Account Type - Individual Income Tax

ID Type - Social Security Number

ID - Enter your SSN

Filing Period - Make sure to select the correct tax year.  The default is the current date, but make sure to select 12/31/2021 if you are paying 2021 taxes.  DO NOT SELECT 2022 IF YOU ARE PAYING 2021 TAXES!!

Payment Type - Select Return Payment if paying taxes due with your tax return, Select Estimate if paying quarterly estimates for the current year, select Extension if you are making an extension payment.

Make sure to print your confirmation of payment when finished.

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